Inconvenient truth: self-care or self-despair?

self care quotes

Ladies, this one is for you. I originally posted one this from Marrakesh, where I’m on a fitness weekend, and it’s hard work!

I’ve started to learn how to practice yoga and whilst these things don’t come naturally to me, I think we have to learn how to look after ourselves because the pressure in the matrix is getting even more intense. A lot of us are buckling under the daily pressures we face and looking after ourselves, prioritizing our time and spending money on ourselves is important because if we’re not careful these are the small things that can lead to breakdowns and may impact our well-being. It is perfectly acceptable to make self-care a priority and you can only do this by putting yourself first. Trust me, you can find the money to do so. Often we have these long excuses about not having the money, but how many times do you say that and then find yourself justifying the money you spend on other luxuries or ‘necessities’?  If we are to make the little sacrifices required, it may optimise the process of self-care.


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